Yacht Surveys

Whether you need a survey to buy or sell a yacht, for insurance purposes, or because you need to know everything is in tip-top shape before a long trip; we’ve got you covered. Yacht surveys come in many different forms:

Pre-purchase/sale condition survey

Conducted on behalf of the prospective/existing owner of yacht, we aim to provide an independent assessment of status, to assist a buyer/seller with an overall appreciation of the yacht including all major considerations which would be in the client’s interest to know, and which may affect the purchase/sale of the vessel. The survey is normally conducted out-of-water, but can also include in-water attendance.

Survey format :

  • Brief details
  • Layout
  • Findings and remarks
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Valuation
  • Photographs (+ online full photorecord)

All readily accessible aspects of the vessel are examined, but no structure is dismantled in this respect, and personal effects and equipment are not normally be removed to effect access. Sails can seldom be effectively examined due to logistical constraints, the hull and deck are percussion tested, and thickness determinations, moisture determinations and sea trial can be arranged if required/possible.

An online report is submitted in 7-14 days.

Full condition survey

Conducted on behalf of any entity (individual, insurance, banking interests etc.) in need of a full appreciation of the yacht for any reason (disclosed or otherwise).

The survey and report are similar to the pre-purchase/sale condition survey.

Insurance condition survey

A condition survey conducted on behalf of insurance interests to reflect the integrity, safety, insurable value and any other requested items of interest to those concerns, and generally conducted prior to insuring the vessel, or as a continuation of existing insurance.

The survey and report are similar to the afore-mentioned surveys.

Area specific surveys

Hull, bulkhead or structural surveys conducted as a result of perceived problems with one or more particular areas of the yacht.

The item(s) of interest are examined, and results (cause and extent) provided to the client. The format is dependent upon the client’s requirements.

Damage surveys

These are conducted following :

  • Collision with another vessel/wharf
  • Grounding
  • Fire damage
  • Untoward immersion
  • Lightning strike

The cause(s) and extent of damage(s) are ascertained and an investigation into the history and events leading to the noted damages is conducted. Information obtained from our investigation and other involved parties is supplied to the client.

Reporting is in accordance with normal good practice/client’s requirements.

Please note:
All surveys are carried out in general accordance with the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) guidelines by our two well-experienced Marine Surveyors. We aim to provide a totally independent, bias-free, professional survey tailored to the requirements of the client. If there are any facets of the survey about which we feel uncomfortable, then the client is informed that specific expertise in the particular field may be required, and an appropriate independent specialist should be consulted. All assignments, whether large or small, receive our serious attention, and we endeavour to provide our reports in timely fashion for a fair remuneration. All reports are usually vetted by two surveyors to ensure accuracy and validity.

Apart from our home base in Curacao, we frequently attend the other ABC islands of Bonaire and Aruba, with occasional visits to St Maarten,  St Eustatius and Saba. We can of course attend any other Caribbean destinations (politics allowing). Our surveyors have considerable surveying experience throughout the Caribbean and adjoining coasts of South/Central America.