ALMACO B.V. can also look after the delivery of yachts within the Caribbean. Occasionally, we can assist you with any transatlantic deliveries, both sailing and motor yachts.

You may have invested in a larger yacht and would like to sail it to a new marina and require assistance, or you would like to contract the job to us completely. We can be there for you.

Yacht sailing in open water

After a thorough consultation of the order, we can take care of the delivery from start to finish whereby the various expertises will be called upon.  For your specified order you may require people onboard who can take care of engineering, navigation, or act as deckhands. Moreover, you may require a catering service to fulfil all you and your groups needs for the duration of the voyage. Whatever your needs may be ALMACO B.V. can deliver the right people where you need them the most. 

Naturally, your order will depend on the type of delivery you desire to be transported. In nearly all cases one of our crewmembers will be present on board.